20 September 2016

Thinking of You

Hi Everyone, l hope everyone is doing well, keeping the colds and flus at bay here in Australia.  I have been off colour lately with a chest infection but hopefully I'll soon be on the mend.  It has taken my scrapping mojo away a little but trying to fight through it as I NEED to create. I WANT to create.
Below is a creation that I did for Couture Creations, Ultimate Crafts & Craft Concepts.

Some of you may recall a post I did for August where a work colleague asked me to make a 'card' for her with a quote on it.  Well she loved it.  She also had her surgery and so far, touch wood, all has gone well.  The staff where I work wanted to do something special for her.  Everyone gives flowers but we wanted to give her something personal where she could look at it and remember where she was and where she is now. To go with the gift, as per normal, I made the card, so that is what I am sharing with you today.

For the case base I made it to a finish as 6x8" in size in white cardstock.  I also cut a 4x6" landscape in white also.  I then chose some of the Magnolia Lane patterened papers, Floral Fancy and Elegant Lady and added them to the white cardstock as below. 

I then die cut  one of the Magnolia Doily dies and cut it in half.  I also used the Keepsake Kandy doily die cut in half from the Amaryllis collection from 2015. I then attached each half to opposite sides of the 4x6" matted piece as shown in the picture below. Prior to attaching the doilies to the 4x6" piece I adhered some matching pink venise lace to the two horizontal sides. Next adhere the doilies and then adhere to the card base.

Next I die cut the Thank You die in Snow White Ultimate Crafts cardstock  and backed it in Carnation pink Ultimate Craft cardstock and heat embossed a sentiment for my card. Using 3D foam dots adhere this to the left side of the card.

Using the Rose Cutting die cut 3 lots of leaves in Cyrpess Green Ultimate Crafts cardstock and cut 3 of the Drifting Feathers die.  Ink the edges of the feathers in a matching green ink.
Using one of the Camden Cottage Roses from Couture Creations remove the back two layers of leaves.  Lightly ink the remaining flower with a matching soft pink ink.  I then sprayed it with spray adhesive and scattered glitter over it. Using more flowers from my stash and some pink berries I finished embellishing the card.

ULT157489 Magnolia Lane - Floral Fancy
ULT157487 Magnolia Lane - Elegant Lady
ULT157531 Magnolia Lane - Magnolia Doily Die
ULT157534 Magnolia Lane - Thank you Die 
ULT157523 Magnolia Lane - Rose Cutting Die
ULT157525 Magnolia Lane - Drifting Feather Die
ULT200001 Ultimate Crafts Cardstock - Snow White
ULT200031 Ultimate Crafts Cardstock - Cypress Pine
ULT200078 Ultimate Crafts Cardstock - Carnation 

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Come back again tomorrow for another wonderful creation from the Design Team. 
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1 September 2016

Together is the Best

Hi Everyone.  Hope you have had a great start to September and managing to find the time to keep your craft alive.
Today I have to share with you a layout that I created for a class.  It features the wonderful Sea Breeze collection by Denise Boddey. 

1.     Remove the strip from your Weatherboard paper and gently tear the paper from top to bottom, approximately in the middle.  See the picture below.

2.     You now have two pieces made from the Weatherboard and will use both sides of the paper.  For the piece with the word SUMMER you will use the reverse.

3.     Rotate each piece 90 degrees as above.  Distress the edges of both pieces of paper.

4.     Using some texture paste and a stencil apply to the patterned paper.  Remember to put some closer to the edges so that it is seen once your photo and embellishments are added. Set aside to dry.
5.     The layout has 3 flowers, 1 x large Cottage Pollen flower and 2 x Paper Magnolias.
Take the large Cottage Pollen flower and ink all the tips of the petals in the blue/green ink. Using the same ink dab over the Paper Magnolias with a dauber or blending tool.
6.     Take some pearlised spritz and spray the flowers with enough spray so the ink starts to soften and blend.
7.     Dry off the flowers using a heat gun or set aside to dry.
8.     Take your white netting and ink it with the blue/green ink.  Spritz with some pearlised spritz so it blends and absorbs into the cotton of the net. Set aside to dry or dry with a heat gun.
9.     Mat your photo using a corner of the Hippodrome grey cardstock. Adhere foam tape to back of the grey cardstock.
10.   Cut a second rectangle our of the Hippodrome grey cardstock as 5 x 7” in size
11.   Take the Silver Sands patterned paper and cut two pieces of 4 x 6” in size in portrait. I trimmed the tab off the top of the paper and cut one vertical strip at 4" and 12" long (portrait) , then cut in half to give your the 2 x pieces of 4x6".  You then have a 8" x 12" piece left for your fussy cutting later.
12.   Take the Bottom of the Sea patterned paper and cut a piece as 5 x 7” in size in landscape
13.   From the Silver Sands remaining paper, cut out at least 4 of the shells, a large compass and a ship’s wheel.
14.   Cut out the following dies:
1 x sea horse in the Hippodrome grey cardstock
1 x set of 4 shells - 2 in Hippodrome grey and 2 in the Charming blue/green cardstock
4 x coral in the Hippodrome grey cardstock
15.   Adhere all the die cuts to cardstock with glue.  I used alternate colours, that is, if the die cut was in the grey I adhered it to the blue/green and vice versa.
16.   Fussy cut all the die cuts.
17.   Using a cream colour ink pad and blending tool, soften the edges or the grey and blue/green cardstock on the shells and seahorse.
18.   Take your matted photo and adhere to the Bottom of the Sea 5 x 7” piece that was cut out earlier. Offset it slightly to the left side.
19.   Take the other three pieces that you cut out and distress all the edges.
20.   Using the grey as a base mat the two prints on top of each other, the greenish print towards the top left, and the cream print more centred. As per the main picture.
21.   Take the natural twine and snip off a small piece, big enough to use to attach your charm. Wrap the remaining twine three times around your mounted photo and adhere it to the back. Take your small piece of snipped twine and adhere the charm to around the twine that you just wrapped around the photo.
22.   Take your distressed Weatherboard patterned paper and place them on to the Battle Fatigue green cardstock, do not adhere yet.  You will notice that the paper overlaps on either side.  Tear off more of the patterned paper (either the top or bottom piece) so that more of the Battle Fatigue green shows. See main photo.  Once you are happy with how it looks add glue or double sided tape to the reverse approximately 1cm or ½” from the edge.
Once it is attached play with the edges and distress them further with your fingers so that the green Battle Fatigue cardstock shows more around the edges.
23.   Finally it is all about the layering of the background papers and your newly created embellishments.  Once you have attached the three background papers take the netting and attach it approximately at the half way point down the paper.  I found glue works best to ensure it won’t come loose at a later time.  Add your matted photo and then finish adding your die cuts, flowers, cabochon and fussy cut seashells, anchor and ships wheel. 
I left enough space at the bottom of the page so that I could add what ever size title I wanted that matched my photo.
And….. you’re done

Products Used


Until next time... keep crafting

24 August 2016

I'm Still Strong Enough

Hi fellow crafty friends! Here again this time to share very special card with you.
I was asked to make a 'card' for one of my work colleagues who was going into to hospital.  She had just been diagnosed with bowel cancer and a fellow Facebook friend posted a quote on her timeline that she loved and said it resonated with her .  She asked me if I could 'make her a card' using the quote so she could put it on her bedside table whilst she was in hospital.
I don't think she expected getting this. 

To create the card base I cut a 12x12" piece of Ultimate Crafts Snow White cardstock at 7".
Next I scored the cardstock at 3", 4 1/2", 7 1/2" and 9" and then folded along the score lines.  The large panels will measure 3" in size and the smaller folder 1 1/2" in size.
I then added the Floral Fancy patterned paper to the cardstock base and inked the edges in a matching green ink.

 I cut two of the Tassles die from the Magnolia Lane collection in Cypress Pine Ultimate Crafts cardsock, one a mirror image of the other, attach them to the two outside panels of the card.
I then took two of the magnolia flowers die cuts from the ephemera set and attached the over the top of the tassles.

To the underside corners of the quote, behind the green and pink cardstock, I added Magnolia Corners dies in Snow White cardstock.
I printed the quote on to some white 250gsm paper and then double mounted it on to some Cyrpress Pine and Carnation cardstock then attached it to the middle front panel of the card.
To the underside corners of the quote, behind the green cardstock, I added Magnolia Corners dies in Snow White cardstock.

I deconstructed two of the Cottage Pollen flowers to only use the centre two layers of petals.  I then added some of the Flamenco pink coloured Liquid Drops 3D Pearls to slightly colour the white flowers.  These were added to the top corners of the two back panels with a couple of other flowers from my personal stash. To the corners of the quote I added some of the Pink Blush pearls in the corner of the quote.
You will see I have used some butterflies over the card.  Unfortunately I had run out of the ones from the ephemera pack so I ended up fussy cutting the ones from the packaging of other embellishments from the collection.  If you didn't know I had done it you would never have known.

I felt very privileged to have been asked to make this for her, and truly hope that she likes it. Hopefully by reading the quote every day it will help give her the strength and the positivity to get through the trying times she has ahead in beating this horrible disease.


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17 August 2016

Magnolia Lane Shaker Card

#couturecreationsaus #ultimatecrafts 

Hi Everyone,  I thought I would share with you some shakers cards I created using the Magnolia Lane collection by Susanne Smyth that recently featured on the Couture Creations blog.  I hope you enjoy my creations.

To start I selected one of the panels that I liked from the Poetical Labels patterned paper.  Okay, I admit it I love every single one of them so I wasn't short of one to chose from :)

You will find that the panel is not wide enough to go behind the frame that you cut out next.  I added a small strip of matching patterned paper to the left side. It will be covered by the embellishments and dies you add to the outside of the frame later.
 I then used the largest two dies from the Rectangle Nesting Dies and cut out a frame using the Ultimate Craft Obsidion cardstock. So that the frames did not move when I ran it through GoCut and Emboss machine, I placed a post-it note over the two dies as per the photo below.

 The next step was to cut out a piece of the Couture Creations Acetate Sheets just big enough to be adhered to the back of the black cardstock frame.  Attach some of the 3D foam strips around the inside back of the frame on the acetate making sure there are no gaps or your sequins could fall out.

Prior to removing the backing paper from the 3D foam strips add a mixture of matching coloured sequins then remove the backing paper from the foam strips and attach your chosen panel.  Don't do what I did first time around and put it back to front.  Make sure you chose panel can be seen through the acetate sheet.

I made a 5 x 7" card base in the Obsidion cardstock from Ultimate Crafts.  I chose the Magnolia Borders patterned paper as this was similar to the panel that I chose and cut it to 4 1/2" x 6 1/2" so that I could see a good border of black behind the patterned paper.
Next, I attached the shaker to the patterned paper and attached a seam binding ribbon across the top securing it on the reverse side of the patterned paper.  You can then glue the patterned paper to your card base.

I am still loving the Couture Creations Bulk Flowers.  I sprayed two of the Camden Cottage Roses with a bright pink spritz.  Next spray the flowers with adhesive and scatter with white or crystal glitter over the adhesive.  Once dry, using glue dots, attach to the top corner of the black frame. The flowers just come up so beautiful.

Whilst my flowers were drying a little I quickly cut out the Tassels die in Precious pink, again from Ultimate Crafts, to use as a trail down the left hand side of the black frame.  It also hid the seam where I widened the back panel.  I added a few of the small 2mm Onyx gemstones to the tassel and then attached it to the black frame at the top using glue dots. Finally I added some 2mm Wisteria gemstones to the corners of the frame, a couple of small black flowers and a sentiment to finish.

As an added bonus I have also recreated the card using the SEA BREEZE collection by Denise Boddey.  This one is perfect for Father's Day which is just around the corner.

Magnolia Lane Card

Sea Breeze Card



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5 August 2016

Pinks and blues... and Seashells too

Hi Everyone, I created a gorgeous card using the Sea Breeze papers and dies, teamed up with some of the beautiful flowers and using one of the Anna Griffin range of stencils designed for Couture Creations.

Have you tried the new Couture Creations card bases yet? They are wonderful.  It is great that you get prescored card bases and matching envelopes in a set of 50.  There are several different sizes and colours to choose from, white, cream and kraft, square rectangle and long.

For this card I used one of the white square card bases.
I selected two matching prints from the 6" paper pad,  A Windy Beach and Deep Seas and Whirling Winds
Cut down the Deep Seas and Whirling Winds paper to just slightly smaller than the card base and distress the edges. With the A Windy Beach piece cut off opposing corners of the paper and distress the edges.  See my picture below.

Next cut out two of the Sandy Border diesusing a coordinating peachy pink cardstock to match.
I have just gotten hold permanently of one of the new Couture Creations Go Cut and Emboss machines.  Oh my goodness!!! They are just so beautiful to work with.  The cut on it with the dies is phenomenal. It is so light and now takes pride and place on my craft desk.
Next, attach the two die cuts Sandy Border to the reverse of the A Windy Beach paper.
Attach the spot paper now with the dies adhered to it on to the square patterned paper.  See below.  Once adhered trim off the excess of the Sandy Border that overhang the edges.  Then adhere to the card base.

Next, I took my Anna Griffin stencil, Arabesquie, and with some texture paste add some elements to the corners of the spotted paper.  I had some matching coloured texture paste in my stash but if you only have white you can colour it with powders or inks. Set it aside to dry.

I then took one of my Cottage Pollen large flowers and four of the small 3cm Tie Dyed and Jewelled Florettes flowers and inked them in matching colours.  For the large Cottage Pollen flower I used both a teal ink for the edges and a salmon/peach pink for the centre.  For the small Tie Dyed and Jewelled Florettes I inked the edges in the teal ink.  I then totally soaked the flowers in a pearlised mist so that the inks soften and they got a gorgeous finish to them.  To speed the drying process up I blasted them with my head gun.  You will see how lovely they look in the closeup photos.  I also grabbed a couple of other flowers from my stash and inked them in the salmon/peach ink and used the pearlised mist on them too.

To finish the card I added the flowers in between the two stenciled accents and added a couple of white sprays in amongst the flowers and I was done.
When making my cards now I hold off with a sentiment on the front until I have the need to use it for someone.  I then have a myriad of cards to chose from and only need to put a fitting sentiment on the front.

Products Used
CO724651 - Sea Breeze - 6" paper pad
CO724696 - Sea Breeze - Sandy Border
CO724293 - Bulk Flowers - Tie Dyed and Jewelled Florettes
CO724295 - Bulk Flowers - Cottage Pollen
CO724824 - GoCut and Emboss Machine
CO724884 - Anna Griffin Stencils - Arabesque
CO724845 - Square White Card Base
CO721984 - 12mm Double Sided Tape
CO723816 - Craft Glue Dots

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